RhianDanielHey, I’m Rhi. Co-founder of The Raspberry Cakery in Swansea.

I find it amazing that 4 pretty basic ingredients can come together to form something that can give so much joy, and just by adding a few extras you can make so many different variations.

I have been making cakes for nearly 10 years and still feel like a beginner. There are so many recipe variations, flavour combinations, techniques and styles to try… every day is a learning day. I love that food and baking has such a high profile, as it is such a big part of life and a wonderful way to bring people together.

I am pretty much self-taught, with the help of a rather large amount of cake-batter-stained recipe books, You Tube videos, a few sugarcraft courses at Sweet Art Confectionery in Port Talbot and Swansea Sugarcraft, and – to be honest – a LOT of mistakes, trial & error and just giving it a go.

One thing I have learned is that everyone has different ways of doing things, and a technique that may work perfectly for one person can prove a nightmare for another. So here is my blog – my chance to ‘pass it on’. Hopefully the tips I share here can help you in whatever stage of your baking journey you are on.

Happy Baking, Cakers!